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Social Polling Platform.

LivePoll is a social polling platform available on the Google Play Store. Instead of just posting your status and thoughts, get some instant useful feedback from your friends or the public. It's a fun addictive app that lets you take private or public polls; create polls for your friends or public, and see instant results with detailed analysis on all polls right away. You can even select your sample audience for each poll; for example, you can create a poll for all females ages 18 to 24 in Toronto asking them which store they prefer to shop at and instantly see the results roll in. It's great for market research, making decisions, looking up real stats, and just having fun! Download the app and create your own polling station.


Different Types of Polls.

Want to find out an interesting stat? Or see how your opinion compares with public’s opinons? Do people admire Bill Gates more or Steve Jobs? - use a battle poll and find out! Not sure if you should buy those shoes? - create an image poll for your friends and see what they say. With LivePoll, the power is now in your hands to find out immediately what your friends and the public think about any topic on your mind.

Create Poll Wizard takes you step-by-step.

User's can create any type of poll using our three polling methods: (1) Standard Poll - Create a poll with multiple options, (2) Battle Poll - Poll battle between two images/options, and (3) Image Poll - Opinion poll where user's thumb up or down an image. A step-by-step wizard walks you through the creation of your poll.


Get it now.

Download LivePoll today on your Android smartphone or BlackBerry 10 phone. It will be available soon on the Apple iPhone.

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